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Swan M1600Ⅱ Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio M Series
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The M1600Ⅱ car speaker system is an upgraded version of the M1600. It has the following features: The aluminum frame has a redesigned shape, which is more contemporary, simpler and more stable. According to the special acoustic environment in the car, the frequency divider of the M1600Ⅱ car speaker system is re-optimized and adjusted to make the sound more in line with people's hearing habits, and make the middle and high frequencies more round and clear, not easy to fatigue, and long listening.

The HiVi car audio family, which brings together HiVi's more advanced electro-acoustic technology, excellent production materials and rigorous production technology, has added a new member-the M series of professional car speakers. M series products all use aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm. The greater advantage lies in its strong rigidity. Under the working conditions of large dynamic range, it still maintains low distortion, good high frequency response and strong detail resolution; very suitable Set up a car 5.1 theater system, and reproduce the music essence of rock and pop music.

There are four models of M series products, center surround: MC-25, MC30; set series: M1500, M1600; center and surround units adopt 2.5-inch and 3-inch full-range speaker designs, aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm, and With high recovery PU folding ring, it has very good rigidity and dynamic stability. High-power high-temperature resistant Kapton voice coil frame without eddy current loss, high-temperature resistant CCAW line voice coil, high-performance NdFeB sandwich magnetic circuit provide powerful power for high sound pressure output. Highly adaptable engineering plastic, beautiful appearance.

The diaphragm material of the M series horn is also made of aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy. The material formula of the vibrating cone has been re-adjusted to improve the overall specific elasticity, and the sound is clearer and smoother. The high-performance magnetic circuit is optimized to a large extent with the low-distortion design, the mid-frequency performance is delicate and natural, and the bass effect is more powerful and powerful. After years of improvement and optimization of the tweeter BT28, the sound is more delicate and charming, transparent and fluent, clear and natural; the power carrying capacity is greatly improved, and the frequency range used is wider.


     In the design of the crossover, the concept of Hi-End and our exploration and research on the restoration and positioning of the special environment sound field of car audio for 2 years are combined. With a specially customized speaker unit, the sound image positioning, imaging power, and music performance have reached a very high level, and according to the difference of different car interiors (leather or cloth), it also provides accurate treble sensitivity adjustment, making it easier to use convenient.

M1600Ⅱ Car Speaker System Parameters
Driver Configuration:
Sensitivity 88dB
Frequency response: 45Hz-25k
*Peak power: 100W
Rated power: 50W
Rated impedance:
Install size: Φ157
Bore size Φ148.50
Install depth: >66
Net size: Φ172×22
High pass attenuation slope 6dB/Octave
Low pass attenuation slope 6dB/Octave


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