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Swan DX-365 3-way Professional Speaker System
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Car audio Car audio DX series
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Sound is one of the ways for humans to perceive the wonderful world. People use sound to convey language, communicate feelings, and convey culture... People have an innate sensitivity and special awareness of beautiful sounds. For this reason, Hivi Technology, which "focuses on sound quality", uses "craftsman spirit" to create a new generation of car audio representative-DX-365.

DX-365 uses HiVi special high-end inductors, capacitors and resistors. This optimized combination makes each unit maximize its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, giving full play to its own acoustic characteristics, while also making the frequency response of each frequency band very smooth and accurate sound.  

DX-365 woofer adopts German imported materials, P.M.K double-layer mica high-strength integrated diaphragm and natural rubber folding ring, the diaphragm part has been fully upgraded, making it more rigid, clear and clean, and stronger in low frequencies. Double magnetic circuit fully coupled antimagnetic magnetic circuit, composed of high-performance rubidium iron boron magnets, with good linearity and low distortion. The acoustic structure with large voice coil and light vibration quality ensures high-quality, high-dynamic low-frequency output, which makes the overall low-frequency performance far beyond the limit of size. It is worth mentioning that the DX-365 speakers adopt the world's outstanding design concepts, including the industry-leading Sma11/ Thiele parameter optimization technology, German PMK double-layer mica high-strength integrated diaphragm with natural rubber folding ring, and high-stability centering support. , High power 76mm high temperature resistant pure aluminum wire voice coil frame, finite element precision computer simulation design integrated cast aluminum frame, HiVi’s unique ultra-long stroke linear displacement fully symmetrical, low distortion drive magnetic circuit system, every detail of the speaker design They all demonstrate HiVi’s focus and rigor on sound quality.

The tweeter of DX-365 is a highlight. It adopts a soft dome diaphragm imported from Germany. The surface of the material is treated with a special coating. The self-damping of the diaphragm is relatively high, which can suppress the peaks in the mid-frequency band, and the frequency response curve is flat. The tone is more natural, round, clear and transparent. At the same time, it uses HiVi's classic 28mm German excellent natural fiber dome-shaped diaphragm. The modified diaphragm is different from the original H28 tweeter. The difference is that the DX-365 material ratio and surface damping coating have a new technical improvement and higher The use of technology has also created a natural and soft playback sound quality, softer and smoother, and more ideal transient response, thereby enhancing the resolution of sound quality and the sense of sound image localization.

This DX-365 speaker has exquisitely added the midrange part: the diaphragm is made of polyester cloth, with HiVi's unique damping coating, which has better elasticity and thermal stability and lower distortion; the driving part is made of high-strength Performance Rubidium iron boron sandwich magnetic circuit, high magnetic flux density, hand-made German woven dome diaphragm and rotationally symmetrical vibration component, voice coil and high-power 50mm aluminum frame, double-layer rectangular cross-section wire winding, soft lead is 180 degrees Symmetrical leads. The whole vibrating part is extremely light but stable and durable, even under high-power electric frequency. And carefully adjust the available volume in the magnetic circuit, so that the low-frequency response can be expanded, and it has a seamless connection with the frequency response of the low-frequency unit. The midrange unit also covers the complete mid-range to express the fundamental tone of vocals and stringed instruments, which can greatly enhance the expressiveness and texture of vocals and musical instruments. The better electro-acoustic structure allows the frequency of each speaker of the system to be successfully connected, and each unit works within its better response range, and makes the sound of the whole system clearer and more transparent, close to reality. The 50mm dome midrange unit embodies HiVi’s electro-acoustic technology, with a smooth frequency response curve and a wide radiation space.

Technical Parameters:
Model DX-365
System 61/2“+2”+1.1 Split
Woofer DX6W
Mid-range H50
Tweeter BT28C
Sensitivity(2.83 V/1 m) 88dB
Frequency response 50 Hz-20 KHz  
Peak power 120 W
Rated power 60W
Rated impedance
Install size Φ158
Bore size Φ140
Install depth > 68
Net size Φ175×18

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