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Swan KX-165 Professional Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio KX Series
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HiVi KX-165 professional car speaker system kit uses a two-way independent original design, a high-performance crossover specially made by HiVi, and a combination of two 6.5-inch mid-woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, each frequency division The perfect collaboration of each, thus forming a wonderful listening sound field.\

KX-165's mid-bass unit diaphragm adopts a new type of glass fiber material with superior performance. The glass fiber has excellent stability, high temperature resistance, waterproof, and corrosion resistance. The speaker can work stably even in the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity. In addition, the lighter glass fiber diaphragm greatly improves the frequency response sensitivity, and achieves a smaller power output in the car to obtain a larger acoustic effect.

The tweeter of KX-165 uses aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm, which has strong rigidity and will not be deformed under a certain range of working conditions, and it also enables the high frequency to be extended to more than 20KHz. The reproduced sound is crisp and melodious, which can perfectly interpret all kinds of music. In addition, the 360° rotating design of the tweeter can meet the installation needs of different places in the car and the adjustment needs of various angles, creating a more suitable sound field positioning for users.

An excellent speaker system must be equipped with an excellent frequency divider. The KX-165 frequency divider has an exquisite structure, a delicate and compact appearance, and is easy to install. The circuit adopts a precise frequency division design. The circuit board adopts a high-grade double-sided full glass fiber board. The high-pass circuit is equipped with a polypropylene CBB capacitor with little distortion and a non-inductive resistance. The 18dB attenuation design makes the high and low frequency unit ideally connected, and the sound can be Perfect presentation in the full frequency response range. By setting the special toggle switch on the crossover, you can realize the debugging function of three different attenuations for the tweeter, which greatly facilitates the debugging of the entire audio system.

Professional Car Speaker Parameters 



Driver configuration:


          1”Dome tweeter





Frequency response:


Peak power:


Rated power:


Rated impedance:

Install size


Bore size:


Install depth:


Net size:




High pass attenuation slope:


Low pass attenuation slope:


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