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Swan DX-265 Professional Car Speaker System
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Car audio Car audio DX series
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HiVi is continuously committed to the innovation of electro-acoustic technology, and will never compromise to ensure the excellent sound quality of HiVi products. The purpose is not only to provide excellent HiVi speaker units for music lovers in the world, but also to consolidate HiVi products' technological leadership in the market. Position, maintain the vitality of HiVi's innovation, and HiVi DX-265 car speaker system is one of today's outstanding representatives.

HiVi DX-265 car audio uses a two-way acoustic design, using HiVi special high-level inductors, capacitors, and resistors. The frequency response is very smooth, and the phase of sound and image is accurate. The sound performance is balanced and full of musical charm, which is one of the rare boutiques in car audio.

The woofer adopts an acoustic structure with large voice coil and large vibration quality to ensure high-quality and dynamic low-frequency output, and its low-frequency performance far exceeds its size limit. This series of speakers adopts the world’s latest design concepts, including industry-leading Small/Thiele parameter optimization technology, German PMK double-layer mica high-strength integrated diaphragm with natural rubber folding ring, high-stability centering support, high-power 76mm high-temperature copper Aluminum-clad voice coil with no eddy current loss Kapton voice coil frame, finite element precision computer simulation design integrated cast aluminum frame, HiVi’s unique ultra-long stroke linear displacement fully symmetrical low distortion drive magnetic circuit system, every detail of the speaker design They all reflect HiVi’s focus and rigor on sound quality.

The tweeter uses the HiVi classic 28mm German top natural fiber dome-shaped diaphragm. The difference from the original H28 tweeter is that the material ratio and surface damping coating have undergone brand-new technical improvements, the use of new materials and new technologies. The playback sound quality is more natural and soft, the tone is more supple and smooth, the transient response is ideal, and the sound resolution is improved, with a wide frequency response, a soft and stable interpretation and precise stereo positioning.

HiVi professional car speaker system DX-265 inherits HiVi's many years of technical accumulation in the field of high-end speakers, uncompromisingly pursues the most authentic and natural sound reproduction, minimizes the distortion of the audio system, and pursues perfect and outstanding sound performance, music The texture is excellent, the transient response is extremely fast, and the very strong low-frequency performance makes people feel comfortable. The pure metal gray integrated cast aluminum basin frame makes the product more fashionable and rich in texture.

Professional Speaker System Parameters 


Split speaker system

Driver Configuration:







Frequency response:


Peak Power:


Rated power


Rated impedance:

Install size:


Bore size:


Install depth:


Net size:




High pass attenuation slope


Low pass attenuation slope:


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