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Swan Network
Mobile Listening Experience
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Wireless multi-room speaker system
Clear sound with top-notch acoustics

Swan sound

220+ Patented Innovation

Create a global audio-visual feast
Swan tuning technology adapts the sound to your unique environment for luxurious listening experience

Building Immersive Entertainment Stereo Sound Systems

High-precision speaker playback is amazing

Put the equipment inside and outside the house to personalize the music playback in different areas

Swan Software Team

When you surf the Internet through Wi Fi at home, do you also want to enjoy the wonderful music in every room?

This is an excellent APP that can easily solve the broadcast control of our users' multi-room intelligent background music system.

Swan Software Team

This is an excellent APP that can easily solve the broadcast control of our users' multi-room intelligent background music system.

Connect to mobile devices

Based on the same Wi-Fi, it can assist our sound system in multi-room interconnection.

WI-FI Mode

It is specially designed for various Internet devices, and can play high-quality cloud music anytime, anywhere through hot spot function and smart phone.

Bluetooth Mode

Connect your mobile device with Bluetooth for wireless fun.

Network expansion

We are equipped with multi-channel straight through cables, so that the signal can be transmitted directly without conversion between wireless transmission and reception.

One song simulcast ,Different songs simulcast

Swan wireless multi-room music system is smart. It can intelligently 'record' the user's music lifestyle by creating a personalized favorite list. The system consists of M5A, M500, M300MKII or more Swan products. The product can wirelessly build a complete home multi-room music playback system through APP in Wi-Fi environment to meet the multi-room music needs.

Easily control multiple listening styles.
One song simulcast :Multiple rooms play the same song.
Different songs simulcast :Multiple rooms playing different songs at the same time.

SWAN brings fun to family life

Internet radio

With SWAN products, users can enjoy domestic Internet radio in any room where Wi-Fi is available! Add any radio station to My Favorites with a single tap and enjoy music any time.

QQ music

All the music you want is available on the Internet. At present, Swan has reached a cooperation with QQ Music. In the future, Swan will also cooperate with more network service providers and radio stations, so that users can receive music from more network service providers.

Mobile is easier to control
The application not only makes control and settings easy for users, but also has advanced personalization settings. When the user starts the APP, it will automatically search for the audio equipment that supports this function in the same Wi-Fi, and then can customize “One song simulcast” or “Different songs simulcast”.
Enjoy your ear whenever you hear
Swan network adapts to various scenarios

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Swan MS-2 Active Wireless System

APP download
APP download

Swan Smart Life


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M803A- HiFi Speaker
Bluetooth earphone
AW-85 wireless bluetooth high-end headset
Smart speaker
MS-2 Stereo Wireless Speaker
Professional Speaker
WR Series Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker
Public Broadcasting
MCS7000 IP Visual Broadcast Server
Car Speaker
DX-365 three-way car speaker
Conference system
HCS6000 15.6'' separate lifting paperless conference terminal
Speaker driver
C8 Hi-End mid-low range speaker

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