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Swan KX-165C Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio KX Series
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In 2014, HiVi Car Audio launched a new KX series of products, which received a strong response from the automotive aftermarket. Its KX-265 and KX-165 professional two-way speaker sets have been well received by users. In 2015, HiVi relied on R&D and based on the user market to launch the KX-165C coaxial speaker, a new member of the KX series. At the same time, it will enrich the product line layout and further increase the market share of the HiVi brand.

HiVi KX-165C professional car speaker has exquisite appearance and leading technology. The acoustic coaxial technology not only makes the sound source point on the same axis, but also brings precise sound image positioning. At the same time, the compact structure features save installation space and provide more modification options for car owners and special models.

As the world's top speaker manufacturer, HiVi KX-165C's mid-woofer unit is developed for the outdoor environment of automobiles. Its diaphragm uses new glass fiber, which has excellent characteristics such as good stability, high temperature resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance. The application of lighter glass fiber diaphragm makes the sensitivity greatly improved, which can achieve a smaller power output in the car and obtain an ideal sound effect.

KX-165C tweeter uses aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm, high frequency reproduction is clear and pleasant, the sound has excellent high frequency extension, wide frequency response range, matching with the mid-bass unit, combined with the professional tuning. Create a more perfect listening experience for users when driving.

KX-165C professional car speaker, inheriting the essence of HiVi’s international leading electroacoustic technology, is suitable for HiFi-level interpretation of car fever albums, even if you listen to radio FM, KX-165C has excellent sound quality, minimal distortion, and stable working characteristics , Will also satisfy your pursuit of sound quality.

KX-165C Car Speaker System Parameters 


6.5" Coaxial 

Mid-low range

6.5" Mid-bass


3/4" Dome tweeter



Frequency response


Peak power


Rated power


Rated impedance


Install size 


Bore size 


Install depth 




High pass attenuation slope


Low pass attenuation slope


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