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Swans origins from China and has worldwide reputation. After 33 years fast growth, Swans is now one of the renowned high-end audio manufacturers in the world and is highly acclaimed for its so many remarkable loudspeaker products. 

In 1997, Swans merged with Swans Speaker Systems, a highly regarded American audio manufacturer. And Swans logo was born.

Swans manufactures not only raw drivers but also finished speaker systems. Its product line covers Hi-Fi and Hi-end speaker drivers, home theater speaker systems, solution for digital sound reproduction, active speakers, amplifiers, wifi speakers, hi-end headphones, car speakers and amplifiers, pro audio speakers, public address systems, and speaker enclosures.

The company has all kinds of up-to-date R&D equipment and design software to ensure it is always in the leading position in this profession. It includes two large professional anechoic chambers that the cut-off Frequencies can reach 50Hz and 60Hz.

Swans 17 times honor CES Innovation Awards, including two “Best of CES”, mark its ability to innovate electroacoustic technology. As Hi-End audio manufacturer, Swans is appraised internationally as follows:

With advanced electroacoustic technology combined with China's precision industrial manufacturing, Swans products have excellent sound quality and cost performance.

Swans loudspeaker won the favor and adoption of many famous audio manufacturers in Europe and America with its excellent quality and perfect sound. They believe that Swans lead the trend of the audio industry. 

Swans is Chinese A-share listed companies, Stock Name: Swans Technology, code:002888

Swans is committed to the pursuit of perfect sound playback.


Our philosophy: Hear the difference.


Chief designer
Frank Hale

In 1998, at the CES show in the United States, at the Swans booth of the Swans Group, a person was usually silent, but if he talked about speaker products, technology and other issues, he could talk (but always speak slowly) The middle-aged man with a shy smile sometimes caught my attention. This was Mr. Frank Hale, the designer of the Swans speaker brand at the time. The arrogance of Americans is recognized, and there is no shortage of people in the audio industry, but you can't find this trace on Mr. Frank Hale. He pays attention to the opinions and suggestions of others, and is very willing to discuss audio and fever on an equal footing. Wait for questions, it can be said that he is a respectable designer. In the days that followed, the exchanges increased, and mutual understanding and friendship increased, so there was a very cordial greeting.

Let the mainland enthusiasts really know Mr. Frank Hale from the M1 speaker of Swans. This speaker was praised by the expert group at the third domestic audio-visual equipment exhibition. The level of bright, high, medium and bass is very good. Harmonious, transparent, and balanced sound characteristics have made Mr. Frank Hale and Swan Group famous, and M1 has become one of the successful speaker designs in the eyes of enthusiasts.



Swan has established two professional electro-acoustic anechoic chambers in production base in Guangzhou and Zhuhai respectively, which are the most important professional facilities for the research and development of electro-acoustic products and technology. Swan has all kinds of advanced electro-acoustic R&D equipment and design software in the world.


1. Company Mission:

Focused on sound quality, we dedicate the most top-tier audio and video products to music and sound enthusiasts.

2. Company Vision:

To represent China and secure a place in the history of the world's audio industry development.

3. Company Values:

Sound quality is always the bottom line for SWAN, and we innovate with the principle of ensuring sound quality.

4. Company Quality Policy:

Full participation, complete process control, timely delivery of products that fully satisfy our customers.

5. Company Business Philosophy:

People-oriented, honest management; superior service, win-win development.