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Swan CF250 Car speaker system
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Car Audio Car audio CF Series
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With continuous progress and innovation, HiVi has become a symbol of the pursuit of future scientific and technological concepts.

    HiVi car audio products have been deeply trusted and concerned by peers and customers. Every time a product is launched, it maintains the high-definition, low-distortion and other styles of HiVi, whether it is the best-in-class D series high-end product or the price is comparable. In the face of the complex market competition, we continue to use scientific and technological means in our products to continuously improve our products, adhering to HiVi's consistent Hi-END concept, accurate sound, wide sound field, plus unreserved detail reproduction.

    The CF series has 4 Coaxial Systems and 2 Component Systems. The vibrating cones of all mid-bass units are injection molded from Polypropylene. It has the physical properties of a polymer, and also uses a high-loss, fatigue-resistant rubber folding ring, a waterproof and moisture-proof design, and a high-performance ferrite magnetic circuit. It provides a strong power for high sound pressure output, and can truly reproduce clear full audio and deep bass.

    The tweeters all use high-performance neodymium iron boron sandwich magnetic circuit, high magnetic flux density, natural fiber high damping silk dome diaphragm, wide and straight frequency response, high definition, good transient response, fine and natural sound, high power The low-quality CCAW voice coil is equipped with Ferrosound liquid magnetic cooling, which greatly improves the power tolerance.

    Coaxial system treble and bass unit is integrated and compact, which greatly facilitates the installation of users. The Component System adopts independent crossovers, which allows accurate audio and image focusing, smooth and natural connection of treble and bass. The function allows the listener to enjoy a very real sound in its specific radiation area, and three different installation methods are used, which expands the convenience of installation to a greater extent, and can change the front and rear of the treble according to the user's preferences.  

CF250  Car Speaker System Parameters 
Driver Configurations:
3/4" Soft Dome Tweeter
Mid-low range speaker
5 1/4"Mid/Woofer
Sensitivity: 88dB
Frequency response: 60Hz-23KHz
Peak power: 120W
Rated power 40W
Rated impedance:
Install size: Φ138
Bore size: Φ116
Install depth: >62
Net size: Φ158x22

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