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Swan CS120B Car woofer
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It outlines a simple and elegant concept of life, but also change your definition of high-quality car audio. Decades of electroacoustic precipitation and classic styling have combined here - the Hi-Vi CS series of automotive subwoofers.

The CS series offers two models, the CS120B and CS100B, with unit calibres of 120mm and 100mm respectively, in order to meet the low frequency needs of different vehicle spaces.  CS series with a number of improvements, greater power and better bass performance. The use of ceramic carbonated polypropylene material, the basin enhances the rigidity of the basin and effectively enhances the unit moisture-proof capacity. In a variety of harsh environments, you can rest easy, sit and listen to the drums, the wind and rain blowing.

The long stroke design is complemented by special foam rubber suspension for better damping properties and an effective reduction in unit vibration quality for better low-frequency transient properties and sensitivity. Power tolerance and high sound pressure distortion are also excellent. In addition, high-performance magnetic circuits provide powerful power to the system. Powerful, natural and resilient, give your car HiFi bass a hyperactive experience!

CS120B Professional Car Woofer Parameters
Rated impedance :
Resonance Frequency : 28Hz
Rated Power 250W
Peak power : 500W
Sensitivity(2.83v/1m) : 89dB
Weight: 4.2kg
Voice coil diameter : 60mm
DC Impedance : 3.4Ω
Coil Width : 30mm
Coil material : High temperature resistance SV wire
Coil frame : High temperature resistance Kapton
Circuit type: External circuit
Circuit material :  High-performance ferrite
Force factor(BL value) : 11.9N/A
Magnetic gap height: 8.0mm
Maximum linear displacement 11.0mm
Submissive 172.0uM/N
Mechanical Q value 12.31 -
Electricity Q value 0.86 -
Total Q value 0.80 -
Vibration mass 193.1g
Equivalent volume: 65.1L
Box type Closed
Recommended box volume 35L
Box at free field-3db frequency 33Hz

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