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Swan BD10.1-V Car Active Subwoofer
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Car Audio Car subwoofer BD Series
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The BD series subwoofer is a new series of HiVi car audio products. The appearance uses a new shape, and the cabinet adopts an opening design. Its trapezoidal box structure, carefully adjusted sound-absorbing system reduces the standing waves in the box, and it is equipped with a MDF environmentally friendly board with a thickness of 18mm to effectively prevent sound dyeing. According to the different needs of customers, the BD series provides active/passive, 10-inch/12-inch multiple options.

The diaphragm of the BD series subwoofer unit is made of a new and improved PP material, which has better damping characteristics and a more natural and soft hearing. The foamed rubber folding ring keeps rubber elasticity and durability while reducing weight, which is beneficial to improve sensitivity. In addition, the large magnetic circuit 10/12 inch subwoofer not only provides perfect transient response, but also can withstand 400W/500W high power.

BD series subwoofers adhere to HiVi's consistent pursuit of HiVi-End listening, with deep and powerful low-frequency diving, thick and flexible, clean and flexible. The subwoofer also comes with a wire control, which can be adjusted as you like, so that the subwoofer and the front sound field are integrated together, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant music journey while driving.

BD10.1-V Car Subwoofer Parameters

Rated Impedance 

Tuning Frequency 


-3dB Frequency


Frequency Range 




Rated Power 


Peak Power 


Cabinet Type 




Net weight 


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