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Swan HS series constant resistance and constant pressure dual-purpose wall speakers HS4OS/HS5OS/HS6OS/HS8OS
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Public Broadcasting Commercial & background system Professional Commercial Background Speaker
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Swan HS series, as another new member of Hi-Fi commercial music system - HS constant resistance/constant pressure dual-purpose wall-mounted box series, has four products, HS4OS, HS5OS, HS6OS and HS8OS, which are equipped with 4 inches, 5 inches and 6.5 inches respectively. , 8-inch speaker unit.

In order to meet the needs of the international market, Hivi engineers spent 2 years to complete another outstanding audio work. Whether this series of products are speaker units, professional power amplifiers, control systems or on-site installations, Swans is based on the needs of customers and the actual music effect. HiVi's professional Hi-Fi commercial music system team creates one after another wonderful music space for customers, hides beautiful music in the room, and embellishes your delicate life with high-quality music. Let us appreciate the advantages brought by HiVi modern audio technology. Sound charm.

Feature of product

1. It can be used for both constant pressure and constant resistance, and the best working mode can be selected according to the installation method of the use environment;
2. The power is adjustable, and different power work can be selected according to the system power and the use environment to ensure wonderful on-site effects;
3. Fever-grade speaker components integrate modern electro-acoustic technology to achieve HiFi audio level;
4. High power, high sensitivity, multi-angle, high sound pressure and design, all-aluminum dust-proof mesh design, with corrosion resistance;
5. Flexible and diverse installation methods, easy and fast installation, with waterproof function, to meet the needs of high-quality music in different places;
6. The user can switch the working mode of constant pressure or constant resistance at will.

 Product Usage

1. Suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls, small conference halls, small multi-function halls, bars and other indoor places;
2. It is suitable for outdoor public broadcasting places such as theme parks, playgrounds, squares, etc.;
3. It is suitable for small sports training halls or other facilities.

Technical parameter

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