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Swan FA Series Professional Audio Power Amplifier FA-60/FA-120
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Public Broadcasting Commercial & background system Conference System Conference sound reinforcement system Professional Amplifier Series Business background power amplifier
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Feature of product

1 The new exterior design highlights its stylish and distinctive style
2 Excellent internal circuit optimization design, naturally presenting extraordinary Hi-Fi sound quality
3 The comprehensive application of intelligent compressor technology makes the system more reliable and stable
4 Detachable installation panel makes daily maintenance more convenient
5 Independent modular structure, so that the two channels of the power amplifier can work more independently
6 The reset method can be set to automatic reset or manual reset, so that users have a more suitable choice for themselves
7 Integrate the technologies of intelligent volume control, intelligent audio signal input recognition, and DSP digital audio optimization
8 Unique hand-in-hand working mode, multiple power amplifiers can be grouped into an array at the same time for large-scale engineering projects
9 Perfect protection measures: overheating, short circuit, direct current, ultra-low frequency, switch machine are all in one

Technical parameter

Model FA-60 FA-120
Output Power 2x60W(stereo)4Ω 2x120W(stereo)4Ω
SNR Music:≥ 80dB A weight) Microphone: ≥ 55dB A weight)
Frequency response Music:20Hz-30kHz/100Hz-30kHz(+ l/-3dB)
total harmonic distortion Music:0.1%; Microphone:0.5%
Power supply AC220V±10% 50-60Hz

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