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Swan DSP-8S Pre-circuit Digital Effector
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Public Broadcasting Commercial & background system
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1. Using 32-bit high-performance DSP and AD/DA, 24-bit, 48KHz sampling pure digital professional KTV pre-effector;
2. Unique microphone feedback suppression algorithm, with 4 levels of intensity adjustable;
3. The echo effect of professional singing;
4. It has the function of audio processor and has ultra-fine delay adjustment;
5. Optical fiber audio digital input interface, get a better sound source;
6. Music's pitch-shifting function, instant and automatic subwoofer-enhanced dance party mode, can meet the requirements of different singers at any time.

· Product Features
1. With dual microphone input, MIC A and MIC B, dual independent 10-band parametric equalization; microphone high-pass filter and low-pass filter;
2. Stereo analog music input, 7-band parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter;
3. Analog audio input, optical audio input, USB audio input, a variety of input options;
4. 6 independent channel outputs, each channel can be independently mixed, high and low crossover, main output and surround 7-band parametric equalization, center 7-band and subwoofer 5-band parametric equalization, delay, pressure limiter, Polarity change;
5. Manager, user mode, password management: function of password lock;
6. It has 10 groups of user parameters to store and call;
7. Wireless infrared remote control and Bluetooth function;
8. Drive-free USB interface, real-time control of all parameters through PC software.

· Electrical Characteristics
Microphone channel part (frequency range 20Hz~20KHz)
Maximum input level: -15. 0dBV
Maximum output level: +14. 5dBu
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): >95dB (close effects, EQ, delay, compression limiter, etc., MIC channel volume is the largest)
Frequency Response: +/-1dB 20Hz~ 20kHz
Music channel part (frequency range 20Hz~20KHz)
Maximum input level: +12dBV
Maximum output level: +14. 5dBu
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): > 100dB (with EQ, delay, compression limiting, etc. off, MUSIC channel volume is the largest)
Frequency Response: +/-1dB 20Hz~ 20kHz
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