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SWAN Laser1+Laser1S Line array speaker
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Pro Audio Line array Laser series Line array speaker
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Product Description
Laser series is a set of professional line array speaker system with laser positioning (see below for the specific usage of laser positioning). It is convenient and flexible to assemble and arrange multiple speakers to form a good line sound source array, with high continuous sound pressure level, high dynamic and good transient, so as to solve the problem of medium and long distance sound transmission; with the Laser series ultra-low frequency speakers, the ideal combination The configuration can make the high frequency of the whole sound reinforcement system clear and bright, the mid frequency is wide and full, and the bass has good elasticity and sufficient strength. Laser series full-frequency speakers are equipped with laser laser devices, so that the system can more intuitively simulate the direct angle direction of the line sound source during engineering installation and debugging.
In this series, Laser1 is designed for sound reinforcement in conference rooms, multi-purpose halls and small and medium-sized mobile performances.
Product Parameters
Speaker model Laser1
System Line array full range speaker Line array subwoofer
Frequency 75Hz-20KHz 45Hz-250Hz
Rated input power
Sensitivity 98dB(1W/1m) 100dB(1W/1m)
Rated impedance 16 Ω 8 Ω
Cover angle(H×V) 100°x10° Directive
Woofer 2x6.5"(38mmvoice coil) 1x15"(75mm voice coil)
Tweeter 1x44mm(Neodymium magnetic driver
Input connection 2xSpeakon NL4 ±1 2xSpeakon NL4 ±2
Laser device
2xSpeakon NL4 ±2
IN:≥12V 15KHz sine

Suport base
Install M8 lifting point / ring hanger
Size(W×H×D) 600x200x400mm 600x600x550mm
N.W.(±10%) 18KG 43KG
Instructions for laser pointing and positioning in the sound reinforcement area
1. When using the laser, make sure that the power amplifier and the ±2 channels of the NL4 seat behind the speaker are connected correctly, input a 15KHz sine wave signal with a small voltage, and slowly increase the signal voltage to about 12V, the laser light-emitting port will emit a stable beam. The position of the time beam is the sound reinforcement pointing area of the speaker.
Note: When using this function, please mute the ports (1+, 1-) to prevent the speakers from being burned.

2. Schematic diagram of laser beam positioning, as shown below.
Note: This pointing system is an optional accessory, please make sure that the speaker has this function before use

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