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Swan CS100B Car woofer
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More than ten years of electro-acoustic technology precipitation and classic style are integrated here-Hi-Vi CS series car subwoofer.

    The CS series has launched two models, CS120B and CS100B, with unit diameters of 120mm and 100mm, respectively, to meet the low frequency requirements of different vehicle spaces. This series has made many improvements on the basis of the CS series, with more power and perfect bass performance. The vibrating cone is made of ceramic carbonized polypropylene material, which enhances the rigidity of the vibrating cone and effectively improves the unit's moisture resistance. In all kinds of harsh environments, you can sit back and relax, sit back and listen to the rumbling of the drums and let the wind and rain blow.

    The long-stroke design is supplemented with special foam rubber suspension, which has better damping characteristics and effectively reduces the vibration quality of the unit, so as to obtain better low-frequency transient characteristics and sensitivity. Power tolerance and high sound pressure distortion are also extremely excellent. In addition, the high-performance magnetic circuit provides powerful power for the system. The sound is powerful, natural and flexible, giving you a super dynamic experience of car HiFi bass!

CS100B Professional Woofer Parameters
Rated Impedance:
Tuning Frequency : 31Hz
Rated Impedance : 200W
Peak power: 400W
Sensitivity(2.83v/1m) : 87dB
Weight : 3.4kg
Coil Diameter : 50mm
DC Resistance : 3.8Ω
Coil Width: 27mm
Coil Material : High Temperature Resistance SV Wire
Coil Frame : High Temperature Resistance Kapton
Magnetic Type : External Magnetic 
Magnetic material : High performance ferrite
Force coefficient (BL value): 12.0N/A
Magnetic gap height: : 8.0mm
Maximum linear displacement: : 9.5mm
Compliance: 182uM/N
Mechanical Q value: 9.83 -
Electric Q value 0.70 -
Total Q value 0.65 -
Vibration mass 141.8g
Equivalent volume: 34.2L
Cabinet type: Closed
Recommended net volume of cabinet 18L
The cabinet is in the free field-3db frequency 38Hz

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