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Swan CHG01A Charging Dock
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Conference System Accessories
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· Product Features

1. The integrated high-current charging management chip for imported high-end mobile phones is adopted, the peripheral devices are slightly smaller, and the efficiency and high temperature rise are small.
2. Using alloy electroplated copper charging contact piece, the contact resistance is small and the contact is reliable
3. Error-proof design of charging stand
4. The four concave corners of the charging stand make the unit placement fit beautifully
5. Charge during adjournment or while working to ensure the normal progress of the meeting
6. With its own working breathing indicator, the charging status is clear at a glance

· Product Function

1. Satisfy single terminal charging
2. With charging indication and full power indication

· Technical Parameters

Number of allowed charging: 1
Dimensions (L*W*H): 125*145*15(mm), including foot pads
Weight: 0.15kg
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