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Swan DM-8026 processor
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Feature of product

The DM-8026 employs advanced DSP technology using a 24-bit, 48 kHz delta-sigma A/D converter with 128x oversampling.
Digital processing includes gain, invert, parametric EQ, shelving filter, delay, crossover, compression, limiting and signal routing functions, all through two high performance DSP processors. The D/A converter uses a 24-bit delta-sigma converter with 128x oversampling. All inputs and outputs use balanced outputs and RF protection, while using XLR connectors.

Technical parameter

Model DM-8026 Digital Audio Processor
Input Electronically balanced, 18KΩ
maximum input level +20dBu
Input gain range -40dB to +12dB
output Electronically balanced, 112Ω
maximum output level +20dBu
Output stack gain range 40dB to +12dB
Equalizer Primary and secondary high-pass or low-pass parametric formulas
Slope Filter Gain/Attenuation Range ±15dB
Slope filter frequency range Low pass frequency is 19.7Hz to 2KHz, high pass frequency is 3.8KHZ to 21.9KHz
Digital filter gain/attenuation range + 15dB/-30dB
Parametric filter frequency range 19.7Hz to 21.9KH B 1/24 octave steps
The bandwidth of the parametric filter 4 Octave to 1/64 Octave
Threshold range -20dBu to +20dBu
Scale range 1.2:1 to infinity:1
Action time range 0.5ms to 50ms
release time frame 10 ms to 1 second
Frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz, +0.25dB
THD <0.01% @1 KHz, + 20dBu
Dynamic Range >110dB 20Hz~20KHz unweighted
audio sampling frequency 48KHz
propagation delay 1.46 ms
Signal LEDs and overload Inputs: -20/mute, -10, 0, + 10, Clip (dBu or VU)
Output: 20/mute, -10,0, Lim, Clip (dBu or VU)
AC power requirements Universal power supply, AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, maximum 30W
Environment 40°F~120°F (4°C~49°C) without condensation
Weight 9 lbs (4 kg)

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