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Swan R1-EX High-Fidelity Conference Speaker
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Feature of product

The R1-EX is designed for high-quality commercial background music systems and conference sound reinforcement systems. Fashionable appearance, black and white optional, easy to integrate with various environments. R1-EX has the advantages of high power, low distortion, wide frequency response, multi-angle, etc. The sound radiation angle of the speaker can be adjusted according to the usage scene. Great sound quality and great presence.

Technical parameter

Product description

Swans Public Broadcasting has a variety of Hi-Fi speaker products. After continuous optimization and research, Hi-Fi speakers have been successfully applied to the interior of the room, becoming a commercial music terminal hidden in the indoor wall. It adheres to the essence of Swans' excellent electro-acoustic technology, and has developed a professional Hi-end passive speaker R1-EX. Through different working methods, it can adapt to the listening needs of various environments and achieve excellent electro-acoustic interpretation in large-scale environments.

Swan is a background music system specially developed for large conference environments. The requirements for sound tend to be balanced and stable. The dipole mode of R1-EX can achieve an excellent sense of envelopment and balance. The dipole mode of R1-EX is set according to the principle of sound wave phase short circuit. When R1-EX is in dipole mode, the tweeter does not work, and the woofer and the full-range units on both sides work together. The phases of the two full-frequency units are opposite. Using the principle of partial inversion and short circuit of sound waves, this setting is more focused on the sense of dispersion, and it is difficult for cinema users to identify the specific location of the surround speakers. The purpose of this design is to better reflect the sound field of the entire listening environment, forming a strong surround sound field and a better sense of surround.

The figure below is a demonstration of the sound wave in the working state of the surround speaker R1-EX dipole. When the control switch is turned to the bottom, it is in a dipole state. At this time, the midrange speakers on both sides and the woofer above are involved in the work. The sound wave on one side is in positive phase, the sound wave on the other side is in reverse phase, and the bass sound is in positive phase. When the sound waves intersect, the positive and negative will cancel each other out, which is the principle of sound short circuit. This principle is very clever to solve the demanding relationship between the sound quality and the sound field of the high-end background music system in many commercial environments. At the same time, it has also achieved many acoustic problems that cannot be solved by traditional professional audio systems.

As shown in the picture, this is the working schematic diagram of the multi-channel analog setup R1-EX in dipole mode. We can see that in the dipole mode, the sound waves emitted by the full-range speakers on the left and right sides of a single R1-EX are all out of phase, and the sound field is more diffuse; No interference, complete the inversion of the R1-EX single sound wave, and the effect of the positive phase between R1-EX and R1-EX.

R1-EX is a work with contemporary significance and a sense of technology, which can be integrated into modern fashion audio and video. The professional switching of monopole/dipole allows users to better combine and match according to the live environment and listening needs, so as to obtain more excellent live sound field effects and listening enjoyment.

In addition to the dipole mode, the R1-EX also provides a single-stage mode of operation. If the user wants to install in a corner or when the environment is restricted and needs characteristics such as strong directivity, the monopole mode of the R1-EX can complement the sound field with the dipole. The working principle of monopole mode is similar to that of bookshelf speakers, only the woofer and tweeter work, emitting sound waves in the same phase, and the full-band speakers on the left and right sides do not emit sound. Therefore, in the monopole mode, the R1-EX focuses on the directional characteristics, which can restore the space of the surround sound field and has a more stereoscopic sense. At the same time, it also cleverly solves the directional problem of indoor voice reinforcement. ideal speaker.

The above picture is the sound wave demonstration picture of R1-EX single-stage working state. When the control button next to the tweeter is toggled to the top, it is in a single-stage working state. At this time, since the sound is concentrated on the upper and lower speakers, the entire listening environment will obtain a sound with a better sense of localization, and the sound will be more refined and accurate. The R1-EX music system is an excellent sound system integrating design and electro-acoustics, which can better adapt to various environments and adjust acoustics according to different environments.

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