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SWAN KX Series Karaoke Speakers
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Pro Audio Karaoke speaker KX Series Karaoke speaker
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Product Description

KX series karaoke speakers inherit the professional karaoke speaker system specially designed by Swan's years of technical accumulation in the field of professional speakers. It adopts a two-way three-unit bass reflex design, and adopts different formulas and productions according to the particularity of karaoke and the requirements of each frequency band. The paper cone basin is as beautiful and moving as music playback and karaoke vocal restoration. The specially formulated damping glue makes the medium and high frequency performance tend to be soft and excessively smooth. The high-recovery, high-strength, fatigue-resistant and environmentally friendly American foam folding rings are used. The low-frequency vocals are soft and smooth, the bass is strong, and the dynamics are amazing. The use of completely independent multiple sets of high-precision component frequency division circuits can accurately control each frequency band, and the connection is natural and flawless. The exterior of the speaker is made of environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and touch-resistant black particle paint, which is beautiful and practical. The new design of the universal hoisting structure makes the installation simple and convenient.

Product Parameters
Model KX80 KX100 KX1000
Type 2-way 3-speaker system 2-way 3-speaker system
2-way 5-speaker system
Cabinet Bass reflex Bass reflex Bass reflex
Woofer 200mm cone 250mm cone 250mm cone
Tweeter 77mm cone X2 77mm cone X2 77mm cone X4
Rated impedance 8 ohm 8 ohm 8 ohm
Frequency response(-5dB) 42Hz-18KHz 38Hz-18KHz 38Hz-18KHz
Sensitivity(1W/1M) 88dB 89dB 92dB
Max output power 300Watts 450Watts 500Watts
Rated output power 100Watts 150Watts 180Watts
Crossover 1.5KHz 1.8KHz 1.8KHz
Size(WxHxD) 459x264x253mm 508x292x293mm 508x292x283mm
N.W.(±10%) 8kg 11kg 12.5kg

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