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Swan KL series professional speakers
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Pro Audio KL series Professional Speaker System
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Product Description
Swan applies line array technology to KL series professional speakers of line sound source, so that the medium and high pitch directivity of the speakers can be effectively controlled, the reflection of the installation environment is reduced, and the clarity of the sound is improved. Compared with traditional speakers, this series of array multi speaker configuration has higher sound pressure level, longer sound projection distance and more uniform sound diffusion. This series uses Swan's classic band ultra high tone, with high frequency pointing above 20kHz, and richer sound sense and details. Symmetrical box and adjustable angle U-shaped hanger are suitable for flexible fixed installation and the use requirements of various mass merchandisers, high-grade KTV, bars and other professional entertainment places.
Product parameters
Model KL208 KL210 KL212 KL215

Frequency Range

50Hz~18kHz 50Hz~18kHz
Rated Power 250W(Continued)500W(Program signal)1000W(Peak 400W(Continued)800W(Program signal)1600W(Peak 500W(Continued)1000W(Program signal)2000W(Peak 700W(Continued)1400W(Program signal)2800W(Peak
Sensitivity 96dB(1W/1m) 97dB(1W/1m) 99dB(1W/1m) 101dB(1W/1m)
SPL 120dB(Continued)126dB(Peak 123dB(Continued)129dB(Peak 126dB(Continued)132dB(Peak 129dB(Continued)135dB(Peak
Rated impedance
Crossover Type
Woofer 2×8"(50mm) 2×10"(65mm) 2×12"(75mm) 2×15"(75mm)
Tweeter 4×3"(paper cone tweeter) 6×3"(paper cone tweeter) 6×4"(paper cone tweeter) 6×4"(paper cone tweeter)
Sub-tweeter unit 4×2.5"(Ribbon tweeter) 6×2.5"(Ribbon tweeter) 9×2.5"(Ribbon tweeter) 9×2.5"(Ribbon tweeter)   
Connection Metal terminal Metal terminal 2X Speakon NL4 2X Speakon NL4  
Installation U-shaped hanger, multi-point hanging U-shaped hanger, multi-point hanging U-shaped hanger, multi-point hanging U-shaped hanger, multi-point hanging
Dimension(WxHxD) 610×428×367mm 664×625×392.5mm 835×745×422m  1016×745×498mm
N.W.(±10%) 25Kg 39Kg 49.5Kg 54Kg
Product Dimension

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