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Swan Pro-1002 + Pro-1512s Line Array Speakers
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Public Broadcasting Commercial & background system Professional Speaker System
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Pro-1002 and Pro-1512s are newly launched line array speaker systems of Swans brand to solve the sound pressure level attenuation caused by long-distance transmission of sound. Through the correction of the wave front, it is close to the plane wave transmission, so as to solve the problem of long-distance transmission. Through the special hanging system, multiple speakers can be beneficially connected, forming a powerful line sound source, continuous sound pressure level High, dynamic, good transient.

This system is especially suitable for various basketball halls, assembly halls, auditoriums, theaters, multi-functional conference rooms, etc. It is also equipped with hangers, latches, various connectors, etc., which are convenient for system combination and hoisting.

Product Size

Product Parameters

Model Pro-1512S
Frequency range 33Hz~350Hz
Rated input power 1000W
Sensitivity 100dB (1w/1m)
Max SPL 136dB 
Rated impedance
Woofer 2x15" (75mm voice coil)
Spread angle Full directive
Install Hanger
SizeWXHXD 950x588x828mm
N.W. 84.5kg
Model Pro-1002
Product portfolio Bass :1* 10”φ65 mmwoofer; 8P input seat1+/1-
Bass :1* 10”φ65 mmwoofer; 8P input seat2+/2-
Treble:1*3” φ75mmtweeter; 8P input seat3+/3-
Forming board: birch plywood / outer protective layer: environmental protection hardened black dot paint
Hanging parts: special hanging system/front protection: sprayed and hardened steel mesh with rounded holes
Frequency±3dB LF: 58Hz-3kHz / 58Hz-3kHz HF: 850Hz-20kHz
Sensitivityaxi1m/1W LF: 98dB/98dB   HF: 112dB
Input impedance LF: 16Ω / HF: 8Ω
Contiual power LF:250W/250W  HF: 150W
Spread angle Horizontal 110°/ Vertical:10°
Coverage angle 0。、2。、4。、6。、8。、10。、12°
Hoisting Options (Wire Sets)) Iron frame (one set) / 2 manual hoists / 2 nylon straps / waterproof canvas
SizeWXHXD 950x315x511mm
N.W. 41kg

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