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Swan DM-8224 Digital High Speed Feedback Suppression Processor
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Feature of product

DM-8224 has the function of fully automatic detection of on-site howling points, filtering the sound through the DSP system, automatic mixing of bass compensation, intelligent high-speed feedback processing; fully digital to maximize the elimination of feedback, and automatically adapt to acoustics when multiple microphones are used at the same time Environment, no debugging, fast correction function, ensure sound quality, reduce delay, select three input levels of high, medium and low, prevent peak input distortion, and effectively increase the pickup distance of the microphone by 30~100cm.


1. This machine uses a powerful DSP system, which can actively filter the whistling sound that causes the signal back input, and eliminate it before the back input occurs, so that the original signal is not affected.
2. Under normal use, the machine does not need to be debugged, it automatically adapts to the acoustic environment (the automatic adaptation process takes about 10 seconds), and the entire system will gain an additional gain of 6~12dB.

3. If the use environment is bad (after repeated whistling during system debugging), the sound quality is abnormal, please reduce the volume appropriately, and then press the local quick correction button, at this time, a noise of -6dB will be randomly generated for a few seconds. The sound quality then returned to normal.

Technical parameter

Model DM-8224
Rated voltage 220V-±10% 50Hz
Power consumption 7W
Sampling frequency 32KHz
Frequency response 125Hz-15KHz (voice mode)
20Hz~15KHz (music mode)
Distortion <0.1% @ lKHz
Signal to noise ratio >90dB
Signal delay 7ms (music mode)
Ums (voice mode)
Input resistance 20KΩ
Output Impedance (Balanced) 200Ω
Temperature range 0~55°C
Weight 2.5kg
Size 480X250X44mm

Connection diagram


1. Before installation and use, please confirm the correct operating voltage.
2. In order to fully ventilate, the minimum clearance around the equipment is 50CM.
3. Ventilation holes should not be covered with items such as newspapers, tablecloths and curtains to hinder ventilation.
4. Bare flame sources, such as lit candles, should not be placed on the machine.
5. The equipment should be kept ventilated in tropical or temperate climates to avoid high temperature, direct sunlight and humidity.
6. The machine should not be subjected to water droplets or splashes, and objects filled with liquid such as vases should not be placed on the machine.
7. Non-technical personnel should not open the casing to explore its interior, there is a danger of voltage.
8. Do not collide, throw or vibrate the machine to avoid damage to the machine.
9. There is a danger warning sign “ ” on the machine. This sign is: warning of dangerous electrification; the external wires connected to the ports marked with such signs need to be installed by instructed personnel or use ready-made lead wires or flexible wires.
10. If you do not leave the working machine for a short time, please turn off the machine, unplug the power adapter, and never leave the machine on.
11. The power cord should not be trampled or pulled.

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