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HD Series Digital Audio Processor
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Pro Audio Professional speaker Peripheral equipment
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Product Features
1.32-bit DSP chip processing, 48kHz sampling rate, 24bitAD/DA conversion.
2. The input processing part includes high-cut, low-cut, 5 parametric equalization, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, delay, linkage adjustment and other processing functions.
3. The output processing part includes frequency division, 7 parametric equalization, gain, mute, compressor/limiter, phase, delay, linkage adjustment and other processing units.
4. The PEQ gain, bandwidth and frequency of all channels are continuously adjustable, and the types can be selected: parametric equalization, low-shelf filter, high-shelf filter, low-cut filter, high-cut filter, phase shift 1 order, phase shift 2 order.
5. All inputs and outputs can be freely assigned by matrix, and the name of each input and output channel can be changed.
6. All input and output channels have FIR function, the filter selects the phase shift 1st order in PEQ type is 180 degree curve adjustment, and the phase shift 2nd order is 360 degree curve adjustment.
7. All high-cut and low-cut filters, the type of crossover can be selected from Butterworth, Linkui Rayleigh, Bessel, and the slope can be selected from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct.
8. The threshold, ratio, start-up time and recovery time of the output channel's compressor/limiter are continuously adjustable.
9. The delay modules of all input and output channels have a delay time of up to 680ms.
10. Parameter settings between any channel can be copied freely, and any channel can be adjusted in linkage.
11. You can see the PEQ curve adjustment graph of all current input or output channels at any input or output channel.
12. Built-in test signal generator, the output mode can be selected from pink noise, white noise and 20Hz-20kHz sine wave, and the signal amplitude is adjustable.
13. The front panel has input and output level indicators, USB control port, and the rear panel RS232 control port. One-button connection makes the user's operation easier and faster.
14. 30 user presets, the parameters of the whole machine and each preset can be stored and recalled individually. There is also a password protection feature to make the device more secure.
System specification Frequency 20Hz~20kHz,-0.3dBu
SNR >105 dBu
Distortion <0.008 at 1kHz(0dBu)
Crosstalk >70dBu
Input Type Balance XLR
maximum input level +15dBu
Impedance 1M/ΩStereo;500kΩ/MONO
Output Type Balance XLR
maximum output level +15dBu
Impedance <500Ω
Digital processing  24-bit sigma-delta conversopn
48kHz Sampling Rate
Display screen Dot matrix screen display parameter setting and function selection
Power AC~90V-250V
Dimensions (L×W×H) 482×205×44mm
Weight(±10%) 2.1Kg
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