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HS Series Ceiling Speaker HS505A/HS506A/HS508A

With economic development, various squares, schools, meeting rooms, hotels, and supermarkets have introduced public address systems and commercial music systems to provide better living conditions and environmental atmosphere.  

HiVi adheres to the tenet of excellence, through careful planning, research and development and commissioning, combined with the essence of the home HiFi system and the requirements of the business environment, high-quality public broadcasting systems and commercials have been tailored for various small and medium-sized commercial venues and leisure clubs.  

 Since the Contractor engineering (construction) series speakers launched in 2003, HiVi's public address system products have been unanimously affirmed by the market, and have been adopted by many major projects, key projects, enterprises and individuals.

In order to meet the requirements of the market, HiVi has newly launched HS, TD, TW series of engineering speaker systems. The new ceiling, wall-mounted speaker system can be quickly and easily installed on any ceiling. According to the use power and installation environment requirements, the speakers of the system can be mixed and matched to achieve the consistency of the sound pressure in the listening area and the full interpretation of the music.

Product Features

1. Humanized design, easy to install and easy to use;
2. UV-grade flame-retardant high-strength, highly adaptable engineering plastics, waterproof and not easy to change color;
3. High-strength mica carbonized polypropylene diaphragm, and special high-quality paper, not only moisture-proof, waterproof, beautiful and generous, but also provide clear language performance;
4. Specially designed high-performance rubber folding ring and special imported high-performance cloth edges, suitable for most harsh environments;
5. The tweeter adopts high-performance sandwich magnetic circuit, aerospace-grade magnetic liquid cooling, and strong power tolerance;
6. Adhering to Swans' parameter optimization design, compared with similar products, the bass is more prominent;
7. Gold-plated copper terminal blocks provide excellent reliability;
8. Flat frequency response curve, detached sound performance, excellent balance;
9. HiVi's Hi-End sound quality design concept, which is well-known in the international electroacoustic industry, makes music everywhere;


Applicable to:

1. It is suitable for indoor places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, small conference halls, small multi-function halls, hotels, clubs, chapels, bars and so on.
2. It is suitable for outdoor public broadcasting places such as theme parks, playgrounds, squares and so on.
3. It is suitable for small sports training halls or some other indoor advertising voice reinforcement facilities.
4. Very suitable for all kinds of family entertainment and music appreciation.


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