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Swan PXA-430 Car DSP Amplifier
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Car Audio Audio DSP processor
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How can I enjoy a wonderful car listening experience that not only guarantees high-fidelity sound reproduction, but also satisfies my own listening preferences? 

HiVi’s new PXA-430 amplifier with DSP processor will surely give you full of surprises. PXA-430 is another outstanding work of HiVi after the launch of the PX series of professional DSP audio processors half a year. Not only can it present you with exquisite and shocking HiFi sound quality, it can also bring you a realistic sense of presence with rich details. It is a sincere work launched by HiVi Technology based on advanced electroacoustic design, leading high-level R&D and innovation capabilities, and adhering to the concept of "focusing on sound quality".

PXA-430 power amplifier frequency response curve

The PXA-430 power amplifier is the first DSP car power amplifier product that was launched in 2 years for the space and speaker characteristics of the car. HiVi PXA-430 power amplifier adopts a sampling rate of up to 96/192 KHz and high-definition 24bit multi-channel audio. Decoder and 64-bit floating-point high-speed DSP dedicated processor; according to vehicle conditions and user needs, a 4-channel power amplifier and 6-channel front audio free matrix component configuration output are designed, and each channel adopts independent algorithm process control. The power amplifier part uses the world-famous STMicroelectronics TDA-7851L as the power amplifier. TDA-7851L is a new upgraded product with outstanding sound and a unique class A power amplifier with warm and charming timbre characteristics. It is precisely because of the unique feature of TDA-7851L and the implantation of HiVi’s unique Hi-end gene that the PXA-430 power amplifier has a unique and superior sound quality since its birth, leading the market in similar products.

PXA-430 power amplifier distortion test

Regardless of the matching, construction and control of various details, PXA-430 has completely solved the difficulty of debugging. When the audio signal line is incorrectly connected during the installation of the car audio modification line, the PXA-430 can be debugged by software to eliminate this effect. At the same time, PXA-430 can transform the signal from one frequency to another, so that the sound of various frequencies can be effectively transmitted to a central position. 

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