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Swan DX-165 Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio DX series
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DX-165 professional car speaker system adheres to HiVi’s corporate philosophy of focusing on sound quality, and brings together HiVi’s 20-year accumulation of excellent electro-acoustic technology. HiVi’s new automotive professional speaker system DX-165 will once again become car fans’ attention Focus. Although DX-165 mainly targets mid-range customers, it is destined to be a shining star in the car audio market in terms of its excellent electroacoustic performance.

HiVi DX-165 mid- and low-frequency unit is carefully crafted with special polymer composite acoustic materials, which has very ideal damping characteristics; in addition, the paper cone has better rigidity, and has detailed performance for transient response and auditory perception.  Due to the good characteristics of the paper cone, the middle tone is very accurate, the tone is sweet and soft; the bass is very clear and full.

The tweeter of DX-165 adopts natural fiber high-damping dome diaphragm, coupled with high-power, light-weight CCAW voice coil and Ferrosound liquid magnetic cooling, which greatly improves the power carrying capacity. Therefore, the speaker has a wide and straight frequency response, high definition, better transient response, soft tone, and fine and natural sound quality.

The overall sound of the DX-165 speaker is clear and transparent, and the sound quality is soft and delicate, but also a bit gorgeous. The mid-range is full and has a good density penetration. 

The overall sound is transparent, clear to the bottom, the music is smooth, and the melody is beautiful. In short, DX-165 is one of the rare products at this price.

Car Speaker System Parameters

Driver Configuration:

6" + 1.2"



 1.2 "soft dome tweeter


    6" mid-bass



Frequency Response


Peak Power:


Rated Power:


Rated Impedance:

Install Size:


Bore Size:


Install Depth

φ> 65mm

Net Size:




High pass attenuation slope

- 12dB/0ctave

Low pass attenuation slope

- 6dB/0ctave

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