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Swan D630 Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio D Series
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In the car audio industry, the three-way technology has always been a symbol of high-end product research and development capabilities. Relying on the strong strength of its own speaker manufacturing technology, as well as the continuous development and innovation in the field of electro-acoustic technology, HiVi launched this set in 2008. , D series professional car speaker system.

In the development history of Swans, the D-series loudspeakers for home use occupy a very important position. In 1993, once they were launched, they achieved great success, won numerous honors for Swans, and established Swans' leading position in the world of electro-acoustic technology. The car speaker, launched in 2008, follows the core technology of the home D series, and strives to create a HIFI boutique in car audio.

There are 2 types of D series: D630 and D620. The high, medium and low frequency speakers all adopt the independent sound division design, so that the high, medium and low frequency signals can be fully restored, the layering is clear, the frequency response is wide and straight, the connection of each frequency band is smoother and more natural, the audio and video focus is accurate, and the tone is mellow. The soundstage is wide. Its appearance design is simple and elegant, and the yellow shock cone of the woofer is majestic and elegant. And its blackened cast iron frame shows its excellent quality even more. The midrange and tweeter units are all black in the main style, and the appearance structure is also easy to install and adjust.

The bass unit adopts Germany's most advanced Kevlar/natural fiber ultra-light and high-strength integrated diaphragm, Kevlar bulletproof cloth fiber has super kinetic energy absorption capacity, and natural paper-based fiber has a more natural and neutral sound. Diaphragms combine their excellent properties to create a good foundation for loudspeaker reproduction of clean, natural sound. Coupled with a special fatigue-resistant natural rubber ring, high-power 76mm high-temperature copper-clad aluminum voice coil with no eddy current loss Kapton voice coil skeleton, and high-performance ferrite magnetic circuit, it provides sufficient and lasting low-frequency power for the system. So that the bass unit can still play calmly under the long-term high-power working state.

Both the midrange and tweeter use high-performance rubidium-iron-boron sandwich magnetic circuit, with high magnetic flux density, hand-made German woven dome diaphragm and rotationally symmetrical vibration components, voice coil and high-power 50mm aluminum frame, double-layer rectangular section The wire is wound, and the soft lead is drawn out symmetrically at 180 degrees. The entire vibrating part is extremely light, stable and durable, even at high power levels.

     Swans' consistent HI-END concept and high-end three-way core technology have created this D series professional car speaker system that will definitely bring high-quality music enjoyment to your driving life.

D630 Car Speaker Parameters
Split Speaker system
Speaker configuration:
Sensitivity: 87dB
Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz
Max power 120W
Rated power: 60W
Rated impedance:
Install size: Φ156
Bore size: Φ194
Install depth: >60
Net size: Φ166.5x20
Crossover 5.3KHz/512Hz
High pass attenuation slope: -12dB/Octave
Bandpass Attenuation Slope: -18dB/Octave
Low pass attenuation slope -12dB/Octave

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