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Swan F10S Car Woofer
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Committed to creating an excellent dynamic new experience, Hivi F series car subwoofer reproduces the low-frequency nature for you with the belief of "derived from classics, surpassing classics". 

Its stylish and eye-catching appearance will attract attention no matter where you are!

The F series has launched two models, F12S and F10S, with unit diameters of 120mm and 100mm, respectively, to meet the low frequency requirements of different vehicle spaces. The vibrating cone is filled with ceramic and kevlar fiber paper base, which enhances the rigidity of the vibrating cone and effectively improves the moisture resistance of the unit. Let you sit back and relax in harsh environments.

Special NBR rubber edge, high-power kapton eisvw voice coil, ultra-long stroke design supplemented by high-performance magnetic circuit. All of the above are the standard configuration of Hivi's famous F series speakers overseas. In conjunction with the sound field design of HiVi’s professional electro-acoustic engineers for the car space, its performance is as superior as ever, with a powerful, clean, powerful and flexible sound.

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