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Swan RT1C-A Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter
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Speaker Driver Ribbon tweeter
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The traditional dome electric tweeter uses a voice coil to indirectly drive the vibrating surface and at the same time, it is limited by the physical characteristics of the material, and it is difficult to reproduce high sound pressure. 

The ribbon speaker voice coil is directly manufactured on the surface of the diaphragm. , It can drive the air synchronously and uniformly. The response speed is extremely fast, the distortion and frequency response unevenness are reduced, the sound is accurate and clean, and it is commonly used in the world's top speaker systems.

The RT1C-A diaphragm is made of ultra-thin Kapton material, the voice coil and the diaphragm are integrated, the aluminum conductive layer of the voice coil occupies more than 90% of the surface of the diaphragm, and the conductor on the RT1C-A diaphragm is covered with 3um anti-oxidation coating Layer, it can prevent the aluminum conductive lines from oxidizing when they are overheated in an instant.

Compared with the traditional dome tweeter, the vibration quality of the RT1C-A vibration system is almost negligible, only 25mg! It is one-fiftieth of the diaphragm quality of the ordinary tweeter, which means that for any input transient signal, 

RT1C- A can almost make instantaneous response, and the transient characteristics are excellent. The diaphragm is tensioned by two glass fiber brackets and precisely installed in two layers of neodymium iron boron bar magnets to form a push-pull drive. The sound-absorbing material is filled between the back of the diaphragm and the steel frame to increase the damping behind the diaphragm and eliminate it. Additional vibration.

The surface of the RT1C-A panel is designed to control the directivity shape. There are two rows of narrow open holes on the front steel plate to control its frequency response and sound radiation directivity to form a uniform and wide directivity characteristic. The radiation area of RT1 is 50X13mm. 30 degrees, 16kHz at -3dB. Although you move the position while listening, the sound changes little.

RT1C-A anti-magnetic design, ultra-thin, the overall thickness is only 17mm.

RT1C-A has no resonance in the working frequency band, and the impedance curve is a straight line.

The design of the RT1C-A tweeter has the ability to eliminate stray magnetic fields, so it is very safe to use in any audio and video equipment.

The harmonic distortion of RT1C-A is only 0.7% (94dB SPL), the maximum continuous sound pressure output can reach 106dB SPL, and the instantaneous peak response can reach 110dB SPL! Its frequency response is 4.7kHz-27kHz (unevenness) +/-2dB); 4.5kHz-30kHz (unevenness is 3dB). Its sensitivity is also very high, about 94dB/1W/1m. 

Seeing all the excellent performance of RT1C-A and comparing it with ordinary tweeters, the answer is very clear: why many discerning audiophiles search in the audio book Ribbon speaker unit?

 Because the sound they hear in many traditional speakers is not so clear, transparent, and lacks details.

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