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Swan X1III metal tweeter speaker
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Speaker Driver Dome tweeter
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Design features:
Treble is the soul of a system, its timbre, transient, texture, dynamic compression, distortion and other factors often play a decisive role.
Based on the above factors, Wei wei launched a new 26-core unit -X1m. Sweet timbre, high analytical power is to bring you beyond imagination performance.
X11 adopts metal aluminum top shape diaphragm, with flat frequency response, high frequency can reach more than 20kHz, high definition, good transient response, sweet and natural tone. High temperature resistant aluminum alloy skeleton, with high temperature resistant copper clad aluminum wire and professional grade American magnetic liquid cooling, can withstand high power, and output high pressure level, high performance ferrite, high magnetic flux density, sensitivity up to 92dB.

Technical parameters
Parameter name Symbol Value Unit
Basic application parameters
Rated impedance Z 4 Ω
Resonant frequency Fs 800 Hz
Rated power Pnom 10 W
Maximum power Pmax 20 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) E 92 dB
Weight W 0.62 kg
Voice coil
Voice coil diameter 26 mm
DC resistance Re 3.4 Ω
Voice coil wire High temperature resistant copper clad aluminum wire
Voice coil frame High temperature resistant Aluminum
Magnetic circuit
Magnetic circuit type Double magnetic circuit
Magnet material
High performance ferrite
Recommended crossover point >2000Hz
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