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Swan C2600C Coaxial car speaker
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Car Audio Car audio C Series
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Elegant, exquisite workmanship.

 Simple in appearance, steady and refined.

Based on the user market, HiVi Auto Audio strives to build C series professional auto audio products with high cost performance. 

Series C speakers have been loved and sought after by consumers since they were introduced into the market. In order to meet the demand of consumption upgrading, HiVi  Auto Audio constantly innovates and develops new products, and then introduces C2600C coaxial speaker system for automobiles. With typical acoustic coaxial technology Make the sound source point on the same axis. Reduce distortion and make spatial positioning clearer.

HiVi C2600C has high system sensitivity. Under the voltage of 2.83V, the distance of 1m can reach 90dB, the frequency response is 60Hz-20kHz, and the system impedance is 4 ω, which can match most cars and power amplifiers. The rated power is 50W, and the maximum power can be 100W, ensuring sufficient dynamic range. 

HiViC2600C has excellent coordination of various frequency bands, natural response transition, good balance and high sensitivity, and can obtain exquisite and broad sound field effect with low power output. Mid-bass unit Applying diaphragm wool infiltration technology With excellent quality sub-black paper-based carcass. Sound quality such as tea and wine. Smooth, sweet, mellow and pleasant

HiVi C2600C mid-bass unit adopts high-end sub-black paper-based carcass+wool infiltration technology diaphragm. 

This cone is mostly used as a leading role in professional speakers, which has the characteristics of light weight, high compliance and high hardness. The low frequency is solid and full, and the middle frequency is warm and pure. Treble unit Natural fiber high damping silk dome diaphragm High performance NdFeB sandwich magnetic circuit Excellent high-frequency ductility Delicate and clear timbre

HiVi C2600C tweeter adopts high-performance NdFeB sandwich magnetic circuit, with natural fiber high damping silk dome diaphragm, which has wide and straight frequency response, distinct sound levels, crystal clear feeling, good transient response, fine sound quality, strong three-dimensional sense and comfortable hearing. HiVi C2600C is suitable for interpreting all kinds of automobile fever discs, with warm and transparent voice and excellent performance. Even if you listen to FM radio, C2600C's excellent sound quality and stable working characteristics can satisfy your pursuit of sound quality.

 Swan C2600C Parameters
6 ½" Coaxial
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
Power Handling
Crossover Point
Net Weight(set)
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