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Swan D6.8+Mid-bass speaker
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D Series
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D series loudspeaker parameter optimization design, high-strength integrated diaphragm, fatigue-resistant and high-loss natural rubber ring, high-stability centering support, internal magnetic magnetic circuit system and high-performance NdFeB magnets, high-power 76mm high-temperature pure Aluminum voice coil, with aluminum voice coil frame, integrated aluminum basin frame, long-stroke linear displacement fully symmetrical low-distortion driving magnetic field design.

Sound characteristics: low frequency dive, fast sound field response, this unit is suitable for audio systems, mid-bass units of home theater systems and small-sized subwoofer units.

Swan D6.8+ technical parameters
Parameter name Symbol Value Unit
Basic application parameters
Rated impedance Z 8 Ω
Resonant frequency Fs 44 Hz
Rated power Pnom 50 W
Maximum power Pmax 100 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) E 85 dB
Weight W 1.6 kg
Sound map
Voice coil diameter 76 mm
DC resistance Re 6.8 Ω
Voice coil width H 13 mm
Voice coil wire Pure aluminum
Voice coil bobbin Aluminum
Magnetic circuit
Magnetic circuit type Internal magnetic type
Magnet material NdFeB
Force coefficient (BL value) BL 8.96 N/A
Magnetic gap height He 5 mm
Maximum linear displacement Xmax 4 mm
Small/Thiele parameters
Compliance Cms 720 uM/N
Mechanical Q value Qms 2.39 -
Electric Q value Qes 0.42 -
Total Q Qts 0.36 -
Vibration mass Mms 17.9 G
Equivalent volume Vas 14.4 L
Recommended cabinet parameters
Box Type Guide Box
Recommended net volume of box Vb 13.5 L
Inverter tuning frequency Fb 46 Hz
Cabinet in free field -3db frequency F3 45 Hz

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