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Swan HCS1001-H8 Wireless Handheld One For Eight Set
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Conference System Full-digital wireless conference system
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· Product Features

1. Adopt pi/4 DQPSK digital modulation and demodulation technology
2. 16bit48kHz PCM format audio codec
3. Very low voice delay of 2 milliseconds
4. The wireless audio has an ID code, and the audio without the ID code of the system is automatically muted
5. Powered by two AA dry batteries, the working time is more than 6h when fully charged
6. Delicate and steady hand-held microphone with delicate hand feel, two 8-segment digital tubes with white characters on a black background, the display is clear and clear
7. With SIR communication function
8. With battery voltage detection, voltage alarm prompt and undervoltage automatic shutdown function

· Technical Parameters

Model HCS1001H
Communication Mode  pi/4DQPSK
Communication Frequency 500-900MHz
Pickup Sensitivity  -70dB±3dB(0dB=1V/ubar at 1KHz)
Audio Data 16bit 48kHz,PCM
Audio Freqiency 30Hz-20KHz
Audio Delay 2.5ms
Battery 2 pcs AA battery
Communication Distance
Full-battery standby duration 40H
Full-battery working duration  6H
MeasurementLxWxH)  L:245mm,Max diameter:53mm
Weight 0.23KG 

·Set content comparison

Model Name Set content 
HCS 1001-D4/
HCS 1001-D8
Wireless handheld one for four/eight suits
HCS 1000 host×1
HSC 1001D micphone×4/8
HCS 1001-H4/
HCS 1001-H8
Wireless handheld one for four/eight suits
HCS 1000 host×1
HSC 1001h micphone×4/8

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