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SWAN Matrix series digital audio processor
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Pro Audio Peripheral equipment
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Matrix series audio processing center is an audio processor with multiple analog inputs and multiple analog outputs. It adopts the industry-leading ADI DSP SHARC21489, and the maximum operating frequency can reach 450MHz. The input and output modules of DSP can be customized and selected according to the site conditions. At the same time, there are independent processing modules such as AFC, AEC, ANS, AGC, gain sharing automatic mixing, and threshold automatic mixing, which can meet the needs of audio processors and transmissions in various venues. Such as conference rooms, multi-function halls, conference center auditoriums, administrative centers, etc.
1. Multi-channel balanced microphone/line input, multi-channel balanced audio output, using phoenix plug interface;
2. Customize the operating software, make the configuration more flexible, and can control DSPs of different specifications;
3. Built-in USB sound card, connecting to a computer can realize the transmission of audio signals, support recording and broadcasting and remote conferences;
4. Provide terminal user interface, realize centralized control of multiple devices, and control third-party devices through UDP, RS232, RS485 of the machine;
5. With AFC (feedback suppression) AEC echo cancellation, ANS (noise suppression), AGC (automatic gain) gain sharing threshold, automatic mixing, ducker and other processing modules;
6. Each channel has an independent adaptive feedback suppression, which automatically finds the feedback point and suppresses it automatically;
7. Full-featured matrix mixing, the input mixing level can be adjusted;
8. 16 groups of presets, each preset works independently
9. Multiple GPIOs can independently configure input and output, and can be used as an independent ADC when configuring input;
10. Support channel shell, LINK and grouping functions;
11. Support RS232&UDP central control, UDP port can be freely set, and control software code can be viewed;
12. The processor chip adopts ADI architecture, no less than 40bitDSP floating-point operation engine, and provides free configuration software architecture
13. Fire linkage function;
14. A variety of control methods, which can be managed through web pages, mobile phones, tablets, key panels, touch panels, etc.
处理器 ADI SHARC 21489(x2)
采样率/量化位数 48K/24bit
输入增益 0/10/20/30/40/43dB
输出电平 0/-6dB
幻象电源 48V
频率响应(20-20KHz) ±0.7dB
最大电平 15dBu失真<0.01%
总谐波失真+噪声 0.003%@4dBu
动态范围 110dB
本底噪声(A-计权) -91dB
共模抵制比@60Hz 80dB
通道隔离度@1KHz 108dB
输入阻抗(平衡接法) 9.4KΩ
输出阻抗(平衡接法) 102Ω
系统延时 <3ms
工作电源 AC110~240V 5Hz-60Hz
最大功耗 <40w
尺寸(宽×深×高) 482×260×45mm
运输重量(±10%) 3KG

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