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Swan HY330 series embedded wired digital conference system
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Conference System Full-digital wireless conference system
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· Product Features

1. Capacitive touch key design.
2. The chairman unit has the chairman priority key, one-key mute and temporary barge-in function.
3. High-quality sound circuit design.
4. Adopt modular embedded appearance design and high-grade acrylic panel.
5. Supports hand-in-hand connection.
6. Each unit has an arbitrary ID address, which is convenient for installation and avoids ID address duplication.
7. Speaking function:(FREE),(LIMIT),(FIFO),(APPLY),(PTT) 
8. With the video tracking camera and video matrix, the video tracking function can be realized through software (conference management software HCMS) preset.
9. With the conference management software, more value-added functions can be realized, making the operation easier, more efficient and more user-friendly.

· Technical Parameters

Model HY330C HY330D
Power Supply  DC-24V 
Screen 128*64 WECFe on Black+backlit OLED
Sensitivity  -46dB À 1dB Standard microphone length 410mm
SNR >70dB
Pickup Distance 100-600mm 
Dimension  90 x 60 x 105.2mm 
Weight 0.41Kg

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