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Swan Pro Series Professional Speakers Pro-60/Pro-80/Pro-100/Pro-120/Pro-150
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Conference System Conference sound reinforcement system Professional Speaker System
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· Product Features

Swan Pro series two-way full-frequency speakers are developed for entertainment/conference sound reinforcement applications. The box shape has a smooth line design. The exterior is made of high-strength wear-resistant black particle paint and high-quality board. The 6.5/8/10/12/15-inch active subwoofer can meet the matching needs of conference centers, home KTVs, multi-function halls and stage performances.

The selection of the speaker unit and the determination of the equivalent volume of the box are all determined by advanced computer software. All panels have undergone special acoustic treatment, from the setting of the inverted tube to the laying of the sound-absorbing material and the design and manufacture of the frequency divider. It has been systematically demonstrated and adjusted to the ideal state.

· Product introduction

Texture and "sound" come together
Every detail of the Pro series speakers is natural and free and never sloppy - the bass effect is surging and thick, and the explosive power is strong and shocking. Even without an ultra-heavy subwoofer, it can achieve a small range of shocking low-frequency effects; the high frequency is soft and delicate, and the tone is transparent. , Accurate phase, strong penetrating power, excellent sense of space and sound texture, greatly improving the sound experience of the scene. In terms of vocals, it shows the details of the voice so that the singer can sing easily; while the vocals in the middle and high pitches are clean, the instruments are clearly layered, the voice is condensed but not scattered, and it is very powerful.
Pursuit of excellence
Pro series speakers have a unique professional electro-acoustic technology optimized crossover network design, combined with high-sensitivity woofers, so that each unit works in the best state, ensuring high overall electro-acoustic conversion efficiency under high power, and can be used for a long time. Stable use.
Rich sense of hearing
The multi-angle cabinet design of the Pro series is equipped with M8 standard hoisting points, which can not only be installed on a column, a hanger, but also can easily and quickly complete the multi-angle installation of a downward vertical and horizontal wall. Sound diffraction of the system. The Pro series can present the best variable sound coverage angle in combination, providing true dynamic range and high-precision sound, so as to easily obtain a more ideal listening effect, ensuring that the surround sound effect of the live sound field is evenly distributed, allowing the audience to enjoy Rich sense of hearing.

· Parameters

Model Pro-60 Pro-80 Pro-100 Pro-120 Pro-150
Frequency range 65Hz-18KHz 55Hz-18KHz 56Hz-18KHz 54Hz-18KHz 37Hz-18KHz
Rated power 100W(RMS) 120W(RMS) 200W(contiual)/800W(peak) 250W(contiual)/1000W(peak) 350W(contiual)/1400W(peak)
Sensitivity 92db(1m/1w) 93db(1m/1w) 95db(1m/1w) 96db(1m/1w) 97db(1m/1w)
SPL 112db 114db 118db(continual)/124db(peak) 120db(continual)/126db(peak) 123db(continual)/129db(peak)
Rated impedance
Coverage angle 80°*50° 80°*50° 90°*50° 90°*50° 90°*50°
Woofer 1*6.5''(25.5mm voice coil) 1*8''(35.55mm voice coil) 1*10''(65.5mm voice coil) 1*12''(65.5mm voice coil) 1*15''(75.5mm voice coil)
1x25mm compressed
1x38.4mm compressed
1x74.1mm compressed
Input connection Two parallel four-core SPEAKON sockets
Install 12-M8 hanging 12-M8 hanging 13-M8 hanging 13-M8 hanging 13-M8 hanging
Size(W*D*H) 225X232X378 270X274X450mm 333.9X337.5X559.5mm 379.4X383.6X631.5mm 427.4X429.6X708mm
N.W. 8.25Kg 10.5Kg 18Kg 23.1Kg 39Kg

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