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SWAN DF26 digital mixer
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Pro Audio Peripheral equipment
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Product Introduction
DF26 digital mixing console is designed according to the professional live performance standards. It uses the ADI DSP main control chip imported from the United States. It can be used in important professional application environments such as singing and dancing halls, multi-function halls, stage performances, and live audio program recording. With a new generation of technology, the mixer can independently run 26 channels / 8 independent programmable DCA channels. It is equipped with a 10-inch full HD capacitive touch screen. The operation interface is simple and clear, and it can be used quickly. Ensure stable and efficient operation in a variety of harsh environments.
Input channel 26-channel input: 16-channel microphone: 3-channel stereo: 2-channel digital stereo (U disk playback, USB sound card input)
Output channel 12-channel output: main output L/R: 8-channel BUS output: monitor output and headphone output L/R;
Recording interface Dual track USB sound card
Dual track U disk recording storage
Input gain Mic gain -20~+70: Line gain -20~+20
Input and output impedance Mic/Line Input: 5kΩ: Output: 200Ω
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz:+/-0.5
Total Noble Distortion plus Noise THD+N 20dBFS@1kHz:<0.01%
Noise Noise level (20/20k bandpass): -84dBu
Dynamic Range -107dB
Crosstalk Isolation between channels (+4dBu 1k): -96dB
Phase difference Phase difference between channels (+4dBu 1k) :<0.1
Equivalent noise -122dB
Delay <3ms
Sampling Rate 48k; 24bit
USB Maximum current: 500mA
Phantom power +48V. software control management
Power consumption <65W (typ.)
Power supply Voltage: 100~240VAC automatic induction; AC frequency: 47~63Hz
Operating conditions Temperature:-20-55
Functional indicators
DCA grouping 8 independently programmable DCA channels
Support all input/output channel assignment and management
Effector 2 independent effect channels
8 Reverb effects: each with 7 parameters adjustable
4 kinds of Delay delay effects: each with 5 parameters adjustable
3 Chorus effects: each with 6 parameters adjustable
Input channel threshold Threshold Threshold:-80~0dB
Attenuation Range :-80~0dB
Ask Attack at startup: 1ms~120ms
Release time Release : 10ms~4000ms
Hold time Hold: 1ms~2000ms
Input/Output Channel Compressor Threshold: -60dB~+0dB
Compression ratio Ratio: 1:1~1000:1
Startup time Attack: 1ms~120ms
Release time Release: 10ms~4000ms
Hold time Hold: 1ms~2000ms
Makeup Gain:-20dB~+20dB
Soft inflection point controllable
Input/Output Channel Equalizer 4-band parametric equalizer
Frequency of each band: 20Hz~20kHz
Gain: -20dB~+20dB
Type optional: PEQ.HPF.LPF.HSF.LSF
Input channel filter HPF: 20Hz~20kHz (-12dB/oct)
LPF: 20Hz~20kHz (-12dB/oct)
Output channel divider HPF: 20Hz~20kHz, Slope: -12dB~-24dB/oct adjustable. Type: Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley optional
LPF: 20Hz~20kHz, Slope: -12dB~-25dB/oct adjustable, Type: Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley optional
31-band graphic equalizer 4*31 segment GEQ.20Hz~20kHz,±15dB:
2 in the main output channel, 2 can be freely assigned to any BUS output channel
Output Channel Delay Delay time Delay: 0-735ms
Mute group 3 programmable mute groups
1 master effect mute group
1 total output mute group
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