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SWAN UH-820 Professional Microphone
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Pro Audio Microphone equipment UH-820 Professional Microphone
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·Product Features

1. Industry-leading circuit design and production to ensure product reliability and stability;
2. PLL dual-channel phase-locked loop loop design, frequency offset can be automatically corrected;
3. Unique intelligent ID recognition technology, more effective against interference;
4. Digital and analog mixed transmission, without the disadvantage of audio transmission delay;
5. Microprocessor control, effectively avoid receiving dead ends;
6. There are 100 channels on the left and right, and the frequency distribution can be easily set;
7. Simple infrared frequency matching design, frequency adjustment is easy to achieve;
8. LCD liquid crystal display, the working status of the equipment is clear at a glance;
9. With balanced and unbalanced audio output, it is convenient to connect various audio equipment
10. The receiver displays the parameters of the transmitter, which is convenient for monitoring the working status of the microphone;
11. Reasonable design of transmitter and microphone structure, beautiful, sturdy and durable;

·Product Parameters

Use distance 80 meters (the actual distance is related to the surrounding environment)
Frequency range 650-700MHz
Radio frequency generation Phase Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer
RF Broadband 50MHz
RF Frequency Accuracy +/-5ppm10KHz
Number of channels Left and right 100 channels, left CH001-100/right CH101-200
Audio frequency response 50Hz-18KHz
System SNR >90dB (A-weighted) (at maximum output)
Receiver Receiving method Super-Intradyne Secondary Mixing Mode
Sensitivity -95dBm (20dB SINAD)
Harmonic Distortion 0.8%/1KHz(300mV output)
Display method LCD
Power supply
Audio output method Balanced XLR/Mix Out
Channel 2 way
Frequency pairing Infrared pairing
Transmitter Dynamic Range >90dB
Nominal frequency offset 25KHz
Harmonic -45dBc
Output Power 30mw
Display method LCD
Pickup Transduction method moving coil
Sensitivity <-55dB±3dB(0dB=1V/Parat 1KHz)
Maximum sound pressure level >105dB SPL

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