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Swan P168 Power Sequencer
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Pro Audio Peripheral equipment
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Product Description
P168 is a power switch sequencer specially designed for many devices. It can save time, improve efficiency and make the device work stably. The stability of its power supply reduces the noise of the device and improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the device. This machine can realize the cascade connection of multiple devices through the connection of the XLR head on the back panel.
Product parameters

Input voltage

Full voltage 100-240VAC
Input capacity Maximum input 63A (220 VAC) current capacity
Output capacity Single channel maximum output 30A/60S (220 VAC)
Controllable channel  8 channels with timing function
Can it be cascaded?
Can be cascaded
Size 482×211.5×44 mm
N.W.(±10%) 3.3/2.7kg   (±0.5kg) 
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