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Swan EX650 Professional Car Speaker System
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Car Audio Car audio EX Series
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HiVi EX650 professional car speaker system integrates HiVi's core technology and is one of the important research results of HiVi Audio. Its unique two-way frequency technology makes the connection of each frequency band more smooth and natural, full of charm, and the sound quality reaches a new peak! It is another classic product of car audio!

The mid-bass unit of EX650 adopts a newly developed acoustic diaphragm provided by a German professional acoustic material supplier. The diaphragm is a new type of mixed material with an embossed surface, which not only makes the diaphragm have a more dynamic appearance, but also makes the diaphragm more dynamic. Ensure the rigidity and stability of the diaphragm. Through this multi-layer composite material diaphragm, the cutting resonance can be reduced, and the glass fiber layer and the paper diaphragm can achieve an absolute balance, thereby improving the effect of the mid-bass speaker. Plus, its high-quality cast-aluminum trays not only give the speaker a premium look, it also makes speaker installation much easier.

The tweeter adopts a soft dome silk diaphragm coated with a special damping coating, which makes the restored treble more delicate and transparent. The magnetic circuit part adopts a high-performance double NdFeB magnet "sandwich" structure design, which has a greater power bearing capacity, provides linear power and effective heat dissipation for the voice coil suspended in it, and can also reduce harmonic distortion. In addition, when installing, you can adjust the axis direction of the tweeter unit more conveniently to obtain better sound effect.


HiVi EX650 was found by HiVi engineers through the actual car installation test, its high and low frequency cooperation is very natural, the connection is integrated, the overall sound performance is dexterous and relaxed, especially in the performance of human voice, it is one of the top quality car speakers one.


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