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Swan C3000 2-way Speaker Kit
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As one of the top domestic brands, HiVi is committed to the pursuit of perfect sound reproduction, which has made countless fans fascinated.

The protagonist of this issue is the C3000 two-way kit under HiVi. The whole product is a combination of CST225C-6 tweeter, C6WIII mid-woofer and matching DN-C3000-X crossover. 

In terms of product positioning, the newly upgraded and improved HiVi  C3000, compared with HiVi C2000II, have any changes, let's take a look.

This set of C3000 two-way kit inherits the high quality of HiVi speaker unit, and has a high degree of recognition in appearance. It adopts HiVi  design and pursues the appearance of minimalist design. It is simple and nature. The appearance of round lines and the cool navy blue color of the sound cone increases the visual impact of the appearance, and it looks full of superiority. No wonder it is favored and adopted by many outstanding European and American audio manufacturers, and has won the praise of the fundamental guarantee of its brand superior audio industry trend. This is justified from the C3000.

The mid-woofer speaker of HiVi C3000 has a unique appearance design. According to the research and development personnel, the vibrating cone is made of polypropylene injection molding, which has the physical characteristics of high molecular polymer, and also uses a high-loss and fatigue-resistant rubber folding ring. Waterproof and moisture-proof design, coupled with high-performance ferrite magnetic circuit provides a strong power for high sound pressure output, which can truly reproduce clear full audio and deep bass. Ultra-high performance is inseparable from the design concept. It is worth mentioning that, compared with the previous generation C2000II, the phase cone design in the middle of the C3000 cone shows the superior texture of the C3000 mid-bass. The sound waves radiated upward to the center are diffused and reflected to prevent them from interfering with each other and cause the sound quality to be damaged, resulting in a noticeable sound quality improvement.

The tweeter is a high-performance neodymium-iron-boron sandwich magnetic circuit design, and the soft dome wire membrane is treated with a special damping coating, and the sound reproduction is delicate and clear. This tweeter has the characteristics of low harmonic distortion and high performance heat dissipation. The tweeter head can be tilted 30 degrees and fully rotated. This function allows the listener to enjoy the real and superior sound in its specific radiation area. It also uses three different installation methods, which is extended to the greatest extent. The convenience of installation, and the front and rear exterior of the tweeter can be replaced according to the user's preference.

Model HiVi-Swans C3000
Mid-low range 6.5" Mid-range speaker
Tweeter 1" dome tweeter
Sensitivity 88dB
Frequency range 50-20KHz
*Peak power 100W
Rated power 50W
Rated impedance
Install size Φ156.5mm
Bore size Φ144mm
Install depth Φ>65mm
Cross ocer 2.5KHZ
High pass attenuation slope -12dB/0ctave
Low pass attenuation slope -12dB/0ctave

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