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Swan CT28S Car Tweeter
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Car Audio Car audio CT Series
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Music is the universal language of the world. People use music to listen to each other. No matter where you are, beautiful music always makes people physically and mentally happy and happy. As the core carrier of music dissemination, audio equipment has always been enthusiastic, and excellent speaker unit is the core component of the audio system.

The performance of the speakers directly affects the sound quality of the audio system. HiVi has never given up the pursuit of outstanding sound quality. In response to the requests of many HiVi fans, HiVi has tailored CT series car tweeter unit products for car audio enthusiasts around the world.

This product solves the long-term trouble of not finding their favorite car audio for many enthusiasts, and also makes up for many defects in most car audio.

The CT28S diaphragm adopts silk diaphragm, which is light in weight, high in toughness, and has a good high-frequency extension analysis, which is conducive to the improvement of clarity and the restoration of high frequency bands, and the sound performance will be better. Moreover, the vibration transmission speed of this material is extremely high, which has a good effect on reducing high-frequency distortion.

Tweeters adopt high-performance neodymium iron boron sandwich magnetic circuit, high magnetic flux density, natural fiber high damping silk dome diaphragm, high-strength composite ABS material bracket, wide and straight frequency response, excellent purity and clarity, instant The response is sensitive, and the sound quality is soft and natural.  It is an ideal choice for many audio enthusiasts.


HiVi CT28S



28mm Silk Dome Tweeter

Frequency Range

1800Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)


Nominal Impedance


Power Handling

10W -20W  

Net Weight (set)


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