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Swan Q1R Dome Tweeter
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Speaker Driver Dome tweeter
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Design Features: 

Treble is the soul of a system, and her tone, transient, texture, dynamic compression, distortion and other factors often play a decisive role.
Based on the above factors, Swans once launched a reference-level unit-Q1. It is believed that her mellow and sweet tone, extraordinary texture, and unparalleled transient state will leave indelible memories in many people's minds.
Technology is constantly advancing, and higher and higher pursuits have prompted us to continuously optimize the performance of all aspects of this classic speaker. In 2003, Q1R was launched!
-It is still the classic 28mm German soft dome sound film. The difference is the proportion of the material formula and the improvement of the surface damping layer. The sound is more natural and rounded, and the transient, texture and resolution reach another level. .
-Using finite element simulation to optimize the symmetrical shielded anti-magnetic magnetic circuit, the power is surging and more uniform; with the low-distortion magnetic circuit structure, harmonic distortion can be effectively reduced; the anti-magnetic design makes it more widely applicable.
-In order to lower distortion and better prevent dynamic compression, an improved resonant cavity design is adopted, two cavities are used, with a pipe communicating in the middle, and high-impedance sound absorption of different materials and different shapes are used in the two different cavities Material.

-Ferrosound liquid magnetic cooling, equipped with CCAW coil, reduces the vibration quality, improves the power bearing, and the transient state is better.

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