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Swan S8-98 Mid-bass
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Speaker Driver S Series
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S8-98 is an improved version of the S8 unit. It uses Poly Propylene mica carbonized polypropylene high-strength diaphragm, high compliance and high bubble folding ring, high damping dust cap, flat and wide frequency response, moderate Fs, magnificent bass, and strong sense of strength .

High-performance ferrite external magnetic magnetic circuit structure, high-power AL voice coil skeleton and high temperature resistant SV line voice coil, with high power. High-strength reinforced iron basin frame and ultra-long stroke linear displacement design, large dynamic range, low low-frequency distortion. The tone is sweet and delicate. It is suitable for low-mid frequency units in household Hi-Fi two-way phase inverted bookshelf speakers, and also suitable for low-frequency units in three-way phase inverted floor-standing speaker systems.

The Small/Thiele parameters of this unit are optimized and designed by the Electroacoustic Research Center of HiVi Group's U.S. Headquarters!

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