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Swan K1 DomeTweeter
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Speaker Driver Dome tweeter
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K1 tweeter is a new generation of high-level dome tweeters from HiVi. It uses German natural fiber high-level dome-shaped diaphragm and special coating damping layer to greatly improve high-frequency sound quality. The frequency response is flat, and the high frequency can reach more than 20KHZ. High definition, good transient response, natural sound, high temperature resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy frame, high temperature resistant copper clad aluminum wire and professional grade American magnetic fluid cooling, can withstand high power, and output high sound pressure level, high performance ferrite , Anti-magnetic symmetrical low-distortion magnetic circuit design, high magnetic flux density, sensitivity up to 92dB, high-strength panel, novel and beautiful appearance.

   K1 treble frequency response is wide, unevenness is small, the tone is sweet and natural, and the mid-frequency energy is good. It is a very excellent tweeter with a wide range of applications.

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