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Swan M6N Mid-bass Speaker
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Speaker Driver Full-range series
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The DIVAS speaker with HiVi M series speakers won the Exception Value Award at the CES 2000 Consumer Electronics Audio Show in Las Vegas, USA!
  In 1999, HiVi Group launched a beautiful and novel low-level linear and large dynamic low-distortion woofer suitable for digital audio sources, creating a new milestone for HiVi speakers.
  The diaphragm adopts the American advanced aluminum-magnesium alloy integrated metal structure diaphragm. The surface of the diaphragm is sprayed with a special damping layer and a high-compliant support system. It has very good stiffness and dynamic stability, and improves the acoustic characteristics of the speaker.
High-power, high-temperature resistant and no eddy current loss Kapton voice coil skeleton and high-temperature resistant SV line voice coil, shielded magnetic circuit system and long-stroke linear displacement design, HiVi's special symmetrical magnetic field (SMD) drive technology makes the voice coil in a symmetrical drive magnetic field In this way, a symmetrical driving force is obtained, the mutual modulation between the voice coil inductance and the back electromotive force is significantly reduced, the control characteristics of the speaker are improved, the bass is full and powerful, and the distortion is low.
  Finite element precision computer simulation design high-strength narrow iron frame-to prevent parasitic structural resonance.
  Small/Thiele parameter optimization design technology that leads the industry to facilitate the fully optimized design of the cabinet.
  This unit is suitable for small inverted two-way bookshelf box low-mid frequency, home theater main speakers, center, surround and ultra-low frequency speakers, and can also be used in computer multimedia speakers.

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