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Swan D6G Mid-bass
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Speaker Driver D Series
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HiVi D6G that breaks through the traditional electro-acoustic design concept!

The great success of HiVi D series speakers has established HiVi’s high position in the electroacoustic industry. After HiVi moved to North America in 1993, HiVi’s American Electroacoustic Development Center continued its efforts and developed the DG series of HiVi speakers. Germany's more advanced Kevlar/natural fiber ultra-light and high-strength integrated diaphragm. Kevlar bulletproof fabric fiber has super kinetic energy absorption capacity. Natural paper-based fiber has a more natural and neutral sound color. The diaphragm made of these two advanced materials combines Their excellent characteristics have laid a good foundation for DG series speakers to reproduce clean and natural sound.
  DG series speakers adopt a series of newer designs and new concepts!
  Small/Thiele parameter optimization design technology!
  German Kevlar/natural fiber ultra-light and high-strength integrated diaphragm!
  Fatigue-resistant and high-loss natural rubber folding ring made in Germany!
  Made in the UK, high permeability, high stability, centering support piece!
  HiVi patented dual magnetic circuit fully coupled high-power composite anti-magnetic magnetic circuit system and high magnetic energy ferrite magnet!
  High power 76mm high temperature resistant copper clad aluminum wire voice coil with Kapton voice coil frame without eddy current loss!
  Finite element precision computer simulation design integrated high-density aluminum frame!
  Hwinway's unique ultra-long stroke linear displacement fully symmetrical low distortion drive magnetic field design!
Voice characteristics:

High analytical power, natural noble Hi-end sound, magnificent low-mid frequency sound field beyond size!

This unit is suitable for higher-level audio systems, mid-woofer units of advanced home theater systems, and small-size ultra-low speaker units.

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