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Swan BG8N MId-bass speaker
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Speaker Driver BG Series
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Small/Thiele parameter optimization design technology leading the industry-convenient cabinet design!
The new generation of German dark green P.P adds mineral high-strength and high-damping diaphragm - the sound is natural and accurate!
German special fatigue-resistant high-loss natural rubber ring - strong absorption of excess vibration energy!
High-permeability and high-stability centering support made in the UK - to improve cis-air compression characteristics!
Fully enclosed dual-magnet high-energy anti-magnetic magnetic circuit system - a linear drive source with surging power, Hewitt's symmetrical magnetic field (SMD) drive technology - high sound pressure and low distortion output!
Finite element precision computer simulation design of high-strength narrow iron basin frame - to prevent harmful resonance! High power and high temperature resistance without eddy current loss  Kapton voice coil skeleton - the guarantee of high quality bass!

Sound Features:

Naturally accurate, highly analytical, dynamic and dynamic!

For low frequency drivers in Hi-Fi and home theater speaker systems.

Impedance Curve

Frequency Response Curve

Mechanical Dimensions

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