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Swan NP7500 Electronic Table Cards
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Conference System Paperless Conference System
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· Product Features

Energy saving and environmental protection: It replaces traditional paper, plastic or copper table cards and can be used repeatedly to save energy.
Clear display: beautiful appearance The electronic screen makes the font display clearer and you can change and edit the font, background and other information at will.
Centralized control: The electronic conference table card can manage the table card information display, conference process, conference sign-in, etc. in a better way, with simple operation and higher practicability.
Improve efficiency: During the meeting, you can view the meeting process, personnel information, etc., which can greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.
High security: The printed paper data may be leaked, and the electronic conference table card adopts the electronic document method. Centralized management can set the access authority to be more secure; the system upgrade and maintenance are simple.
Wireless transmission: New NFC brushing technology, efficient and simple.

·Technical Parameters

1. 7.5 inch ink screen
2. Resolution: 640×960, pixel density DPI≥138, viewing angle close to 170°
3. Support black, white and red color display, with high contrast ratio
4. The use of reflective technology is close to the paper display effect, no flickering and no visual fatigue
5. It has the characteristics of bistable technology, and the display screen does not disappear after power failure
6, vertical double-sided content horizontal screen / vertical screen display optional
7. New passive NFC technology, wireless transmission
8. Support batch management control on server web side
9. Support text, font, font size can be edited, support dual-screen display of different content
10. Support the use of lithium manganese button battery for power supply

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