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Swan HCS6000 15.6‘’ separate lift paperless conference terminal
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Conference System Paperless Conference System
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· Introduction

1. The touch-sensitive paperless smart desktop adopts a 15.6-inch high-definition widescreen design, which is suitable for the comfortable visual effect of the sitting posture of the human body at the conference site. Highlight the high-end atmosphere of the product; with the paperless conference terminal, it can perfectly realize the powerful interactive paperless conference function;
2. The touch ultra-thin high-definition display shell is made of aluminum alloy material, the surface treatment is sandblasted anodizing, the ultra-thin LCD screen is designed, and the thickness of the shell edge is only 6.8mm;
3. Adopt 15.6-inch multi-point capacitive touch high-definition LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080dpi, the screen viewing angle is an IPS full-view LCD screen, and the display effect is clear and bright;
4. The lifter panel is made of aviation aluminum material, anodized wire drawing process, adopts ultra-thin design, and the panel width is only 8.8mm;
5. The touch ultra-thin high-definition display screen and the ultra-thin round shaft lifter have no exposed connecting wires, no connecting backplanes, and no exposed screws, ensuring the overall appearance of the lift display touch screen;
6. The lifter supports hand-in-hand 232 control, software control, and manual control. The control software supports PC installation and is compatible with common operating systems. It can be controlled uniformly or in groups to control the lifter's rising, pausing, and falling motion states;
7. The lifter panel has: ascending, pausing, descending, forward tilting, and backward tilting; multimedia conference terminal switch interface; the lifter supports automatic elevation angle of 0~35 degrees to ensure the best viewing angle and touch comfort of the display;
8. With power protection function, no operation after the screen is lowered for a few minutes, automatic power-off protection; the desktop panel of the lifter is preset with a USB information interface, which supports the import and export of documents and data, and has a computer switch with a display light. Don't know the situation.

· Product Features

1. Support multiple login methods such as password, card, face recognition, fingerprint or voiceprint recognition;
2. It has basic electronic conference functions such as sign-in, voting on intelligent seat ranking, and short message exchange service application;
3. Free group discussion on the same screen, free choice group to host;
4. Electronic annotation and circle reading function; unique floating window interactive electronic whiteboard, supporting original handwriting;
5. Multi-conference management mode, support unlimited conference settings;
6. Pre-meeting, in-meeting and post-meeting management: intelligent push of meeting notifications, one-click release of meeting materials, and one-click deletion after the meeting
7. File multi-level authority management and automatic release function
8. The hardware binding strategy combines rigorous communication and data transmission encryption protocols to strictly prevent data leakage, and is suitable for corporate business secret meetings and social and government affairs secret meetings

· Technical Parameters

Display dimension 15.6''
Display scale 16:09
Physical resolution 1920×1080
Display angle IPS full viewing angle
Touch screen type Capacitive screen, 10-point touch
Interface 1×HDMI,1×USB2.0
Working temperature 5℃~40℃
Relative temperature ≧75%
Working power consumption AV~220v/50Hz/30w
Panel dimension 646×88×5mm(L×W×H)
Display dimension 378×237×3.8mm(L×W×H)
Weight 3.5KG
Color Silver

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